Reynald Jermane


Bard/Rogue/Warlord 12

HP: 86

AC: 26
Fort: 20
Ref: 21
Will: 21

Initiative: +12

Passive Insight: +19 Passive Perception: +19

Jack of all Trades (+2 on all untrained skills)
Chainmail Specialization (no armor penalty on skills, +1 to AC)
Sneak of Shadows (Thievery, Sneak attack 1/encounter)
Student of Battle (Skill Training, Inspiring Word 1/day)
Novice Power
Acolyte Power
Adept Power


Originally from Calimshan, Reynald lived as a slave to fairly wealthy resident who lived outside the city of Memnon. He was an adept wordsmith from an early age, which he was able to use for getting out of some scary instances as well as even take advantage of others if needed. Even though he wasn’t as strong as the others, his natural charm allowed him to have access to the main house, as he had convinced his master to give Reynald the keys to the house. Days after the keys were given to his, there was a blackout in his memory, an effect that thereafter began to regularly plague him, and he awoke under a rock out in the desert with some rations, a magical backpack, water, a lute, and goggles. The goggles alerted him that he had in fact run away, because they were his masters. In fact he had never seen him not wearing them. He ran from there out of that hellhole of a desert to somewhere with more people of my kind and where I could make a living—Baldur’s Gate.
In Baldur’s Gate he focused his skills and studies, not really interacting with that many people. He would occasionally make trips to the market and purchase equipment and food. He attuned himself to his natural magical talents, developing them through his music. However, he didn’t disregard his body or his mind. He did a substantial amount of training whenever he could to be as nimble as possible. He also read up on math and learned quite a lot, even fantasizing about settling down when he had the money and becoming an accountant. However, in this world he could never, because he had no formal training even though he had plenty of smarts. This was, however, an odd time in his life, as he often would awake in his home wearing new equipment he didn’t remember buying. He also was not a very social person, because he wanted to focus his skills, but he also would occasionally awaken with a smashing headache in the nude with women he was not familiar with. He figured he must have been feeling particularly well about his skills the night before.
Finally he felt he was a little bit tired of the surroundings of Baldur’s Gate, so he chose a place where the backdrop would be very different. He settled on the obscure Raurin Desert, situated on the opposite side of the world, unknown to most. There he could feel a bit more refreshed in his studies. When he arrived at the small village of Astrovin, he was immediately struck by the similarity of this new place and his former home in Calimshan. It brought back memories he had not dwelt on at all sense he had left. He didn’t have time for them, but now a bit older and with more time to spare he thought on it some. It also did remind him of his home in Baldur’s Gate. Not literally, but in the sense that his surroundings were completely bleak (he had not chosen a particularly pleasant area of Baldur’s Gate to reside in) and monochromatic. And he thought to himself, now this is the life.

Reynald Jermane

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