Loki Blackleaf

A master of dark arcana for the greater good


Half-Elf Wizard/Battle Mage 12


Loki Blackleaf was born in Thay, during the rise of Szass Tam, and his family was targeted by the turned Red Wizard. Loki’s father died defending his wife and son, so that they could escape to Aglarond. Loki grew up in the company of a vibrant half-elf community, and he grew extremely social. He grew an interest in arcana as an amusement, but it never grew serious until he started traveling. As he did, people began to notice a change in Loki. He became more serious, and almost fanatical about his studies as a wizard. He cloistered himself away for a time, until he finally left to travel. He has not since returned. After about a five years of undocumented travel, he found his way to Baldur’s Gate and held a residence there until he left again to find some secret buried in the East. As he decided to return to Aglarond, he stopped in Astrovin for the night, but was ambushed. His journey has been interrupted, but he will eventually return to Aglarond one day. Perhaps even to the place of his birth: Thay.

Loki Blackleaf

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