Life Before Destruction of Astrovin
Before fleeing the town when Tiamat’s forces arrived, Darvin was a complete introvert. He did not associate with anyone in the town unless forced, explaining why no one actually knew his name despite seeing him everyday for years. He passed his time in relative dullness as he made money at entry-level jobs he did not care for only to spend it on booze he would drink alone.

With such an isolated existence, he had much time to himself, which he mostly spent watching others. He stalked people occasionally, but not with malicious intent; he was merely interested in how others lived and how they could seem so happy in this world. Darvin always looked for artificial fixes to a deeper dissatisfaction with his life, as illustrated by his alcohol use and desire for an ever-increasing number of material goods.

Life After Destruction of Astrovin
Convinced that he could earn large quantities by joining the attack on [[Lornus]]’ lair, Darvin followed the adventurers. During the battle against the returning raid group, Darvin fell unconscious due to a fire spell of Loki’s. Loki did not cast with the intention of this result, but he saw that it was necessary in order to affect a large number of the raid group members. Feeling genuinely regretful about what had happened, the adventurers sent Darvin’s body with the other citizens of Astrovin they had saved.

When Darvin came to, he found himself being stroked on the forehead by a plump female dwarf with thick red pigtails. She introduced herself as Cyprio and told him that he had the most beautiful face she had ever seen. The two quickly hit it off and decided to check out the local bar, despite the early hour. Belkar and Ki-amar found the two having a good time and were taken aback by the dwarf’s unpleasant facial features. Darvin explained the situation and immediately demanded a share in the journey’s earnings. Belkar handed him a few coins, more than Darvin had apparently ever held considering his joy. Cyprio smiled at him and gave him a sustained kiss. The disgusted onlookers were pleased to see that she had taken him outside.

After making out with him for a few minutes there, which Darvin enjoyed even more since he felt he was gaining reputation among his peers, Cyprio instructed Darvin to head to the Beauts Club in Al Qahara, where a friend of hers (Fairn) would take him to a magical chair that granted infinite pleasure. When Darvin arrived at the barbaric dwarven enclave where Thakorsil’s Seat resided, he ran to the large throne and hoisted himself up into its arms. He immediately felt his mind being controlled by an outside force. He no longer had control over his movement and could not leave the seat; this was not infinite pleasure at all. Soon his hands grabbed for his greatsword and began attacking his own body. Luckily, his inability to wield the weapon made it impossible for him to do himself much harm before Belkar and Loki arrived, took him and the Seat, and eventually pried him off.


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