Balkar Florabrow



Dwarf Fighter/Dreadnaught 12

Str: 18 Dex: 12 Con: 18 Int: 11 Wis: 18 Cha: 12

AC: 27 Fort: 25 Ref: 20 Will: 22

HP: 109 Healing surges: 15

Feats: Dwarven weapon Training Plate Armor Thunder Hammer Shield the Fallen Power Attack Powerful Charge Dwarven Durability Fleet footed

Powers: Crushing strike (w) Brash Strike (w) Passing attack (e) Crushing blow (e) Come & get it! (e) Inexorable advance (e) Kneebreaker (d) Bedeviling Assault (d) Victorious Surge (d) Shrewd Repositioning (u/e) Unbreakable (u/e) Strength from pain (u/d) Blood Iron (u/d)


Balkar was born in Narfell to the Dwarven tribe of Brow. The Brow had situated themselves at the base off the mountain nearly two centuries before due to the extreme frequency and toughness of Flora. Like many other tribes, the Brow wove everything from their clothes to their huts with this reedy grass, but their level of craftsmanship was widely known and appreciated. Brow woven goods were sought at every Bildoobarls festival for their quality and endurance. Flora was these Dwarves’ stone.

Even as a boy, Balkar was cast of iron. His friends and he would play on the frozen slopes of the mountain in their spare time. Each time they would see how high they could climb without succumbing to overwhelming fear, hunger, or the chill. Balkar would sometimes go so far as to spend the night out on the mountain—a feat that was unmatched by his peers. His goal was to reach the peak someday. He was trained to guard the tribe from wild beasts by his uncle, Rough, who treated (and protected him) as a son. Balkar’s mordenkrad was a coming-of-age gift from Rough.

A few years after his ascension to adulthood, an avalanche slammed down on the village, causing massive causalities. Those who weren’t suffocated under the snow, were undone by the chill. Balkar was the only survivor of the wiped out clan, due to his practiced survival skills. Balkar had nothing left there after the avalanche—no one left. He took what he could scavenge from the ruins—his mordenkrad (now named “Rough”), Plate, bag—and departed, taking a new name, as was tradition after adulthood: Florabrow.

Balkar ended up in Astrovin after much wandering.

Balkar Florabrow

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