Fairn created the Beauts Club many years ago and was the main attraction there due to her thin body and long, red hair. The elves of Al Qahara thought of her as one of them, despite her true identity as a lamia, a creature composed of scarabs with the ability to appear humanoid.

Connection to Tiamat
Being closer to the cave where Cyprio hid Thakorsil’s Seat, Fairn was tasked with guarding the relic. In exchange, she received regular payments of gold brought by Cyprio from Tiamat.

Searching for the Seat, the adventurers talked to Fairn, who reacted agreeably and promised to show them where it was. Though she led them to the actual cave, she showed her true self as soon as she was in the company of a roper and two dire bears who would fight on her side. Though she was able to knock Shlazin unconscious, her allies eventually died, leaving her to fight all of the adventurers. A final blow from Harlequin finished her.


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